I am Helen and my Chinese name is Jiao GuangHong.

I would like to share with you the story of Helen’s Asian Kitchen. After working over 20 years at HeBei Medical University’s hospital, I immigrated to United States in 1997. I lived in California for about six months at the very beginning and then moved to Columbus, Ohio. Since then, I have never moved out of Columbus and the city became my second hometown. My original hope was to study English at the Ohio State University. I could not pursue this dream at first because I had to earn money to live. In order to making a living, I worked in many jobs including babysitter, massage operator, waitress, chef and many more. Those careers taught me many things and helped me build a network of many talented and very nice people. One day an opportunity came to me. A lifetime friend of mine asked me if I want to open a Chinese restaurant in abuilding he owned. I excitedly said, “Yes!”. That was the humble beginning of of Helen’s Asian Kitchen!

The Restaurant’s business was successful and the foods were truly delicious whether traditional Chinese dishes or Americanized versions of Chinese! I always enjoyed bringing authentic Chinese foods to American people and treat my guests as my own family members. The success of the business also enabled me to bring my husband and son to reunite with me in Columbus. My husband was an opera singer and musician. He brought his music talents and his excellent cooking skills into the restaurant. WOSU interviewed us and made a documentary film about me and my restaurant. However, the happy hours always gone too soon. My husband was diagnosed with cancer in 2016. In order to take good care of him with both time and money, I had to sell the restaurant. Unfortunately, he passed away after just one year.

I sold the restaurant to a beautiful young lady in early 2017, whose name also happens to be Helen. She worked very hard and managed the restaurant with a lot of care and hard work. During that period of time, I was finally able to pursue my education at the Ohio State University and also teach part time at Food Lab. One day, I received a phone call from the young Helen. She told me she was moving to Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and was looking for a buyer for the business. I was surprised to hear this news but immediately knew my calling was to return to Helen’s Kitchen. I immediately contacted a few friends and we decided to buy the restaurant back. Of course, the name would remain as Helen’s Asian Kitchen! I am so happy to have the second chance to own Helen Asian Kitchen and treat my dear guests!

I love foods!

I love people!

I love to see the happy smiles when people tasting yummy food!

I am Helen and welcome to my restaurant !!!