• review rating 5  We've been searching for a great, hopefully consistent Asian restaurant where the food actually makes our tummies happy. After my first take which we usually do, we think ever found that place. Outside makes you wonder at first, but upon entering you instantly find yourself in a clean, inviting place to eat and assuming it was Helen that took care of me, she seems to be a wonderful, amazing, and straight forward person. Wants to make sure that the order she gives you is there right one completely. After reading her story, I have great respect for her already. Good job Helen. We'll be back.

    thumb John D. Lyon

    review rating 5  Pretty damn good food. Service was just as good. Ive always seen the place but never thought about going until today and did i miss out. Looks can be deceiving:)

    thumb Justin Buyno

    review rating 5  I've been meaning to write this review for about a year because this is our go-to neighborhood delivery. Food is always fresh and piping hot, and they have a great mix of americanized and authentic dishes. The dumplings, while expensive, are made with care and are a meal in themselves. But what pushed me to finally put this to words was my experience tonight. Realizing I was out of uncooked rice at home and running late on dinner, I ran down the street to get a side order. I had my wallet out, fully ready to pay, but the proprietor gave me a knowing look and refused to accept my card. Not only that, it was my first glimpse inside to what is a modest but very quaint dining room where a diverse array of people were milling about, serving or sampling all kinds of dishes. I would recommend Helen's to anyone in this quadrant of 270, and indeed anyone in Columbus looking for a homey and delicious new Chinese spot.

    thumb Patrick Atkins
  • review rating 5  This was my second visit. The service was very attentive and the food was great! I had cashew shrimp. Generous portions and great taste. I think they did some remodeling since my first visit. It's worth stopping in there.

    thumb Kevin Wooldridge

    review rating 5  Amazing food and presentation. Tasted amazing and the prices are great. Great hospitality and service. Highly recommend stopping by if you are in the area.

    thumb Josh Valentin

    review rating 5  Helen and crew do an amazing job. The dining room is just stunning, definitely looks like a great place for dinner. Clean as a whistle in there too. I go for lunch. I'm in and out for under $10. The food is worth at least twice that. If you haven't checked it out yet, you really should!

    thumb Alle Schwartz
  • review rating 5  Probably our favourite Chinese restaurant in Columbus. Authentic Chinese food at a reasonable price. Also, Helen is a wonderful person to interact with.

    thumb Adithya Jayakumar

    review rating 5  Walnut Honey Shrimp is outstanding flavor combination. Crispy noodles are just like I had in Hong Kong with a rich brown sauce. Crispy calamari is unlike any I have had in Columbus. Great with a beer. The owner was one heck of a nice guy and spent time with the customers. Don't let the homely location fool you, this is a hole in the wall gem.

    thumb Joe Wiese

    review rating 5  I did some research looking for an authentic Szechuan restaurant here in Columbus. I called ahead to confirm if they had the spicy fish bowl on the menu. Some restaurants call it braised fish soup. This dish is absolutely to die for. They also have it available with chicken or beef however I’ve never tried it because the fish is always excellent and plentiful. Update 3/17 went back and order the cauliflower it was also delicious

    thumb Francis X. Maloney